Mozillians… Where are your summit pictures?

Hey Everyone!

I hope your #mozsummit was even half as good as my own!

I am looking for links to all photos taken at summit locations, selfishly looking for ones of me, but while I’m doing this I had heard from IRC that there was a suggestion of “one big album” of pictures on a by-location basis.

So I’m offering to do a few things:

  • Gather said list of pictures, be it albums or individual pics
  • Inform anyone I personally recognize from each picture that they are in them
  • Publish as a group-of-links and/or a real photo-album somewhere (with credits)

What I would need from you:

  • Link(s) you have to any summit photo’s you have (or ones snapped by others if you have their permission to share with me)
  • Which summit location you were at
  • Any requirements you have on publishing (Creative Commons License)
  • Any requirements you have on your own name being publically linked to said pictures (I’ll avoid doing this unless I get a direct “yea link me”)
  • If your photos are stored privately, how I’m able to access them (password, become your FB friend, etc.)

How to tell me:

  • Email: or — please use include “Summit2013” somewhere in the subject
  • This blogs comments
  • Facebook Message (if you are friends with me on Facebook)
  • Twitter: @mozCallek
  • Google+ : (Sorry but I _never_ check this, so please use one of the above methods, I do have an account there so I can check an album on it if thats where your photos are)

With time permitting I’ll have some sort of nice-looking web app to let you find yourself/others, if not I may just correlate all these to an individual blog post and list.

It was wonderful meeting all you Mozillians, and I have never been so proud of us as a community

EDIT: Seems I wasn’t clear enough, you do not need to e-mail me full collections of images, a link to anyplace already existing is perfectly fine.

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8 Responses to Mozillians… Where are your summit pictures?

  1. Frank says:

    Also: unfortunately no idea about licensing oder anything

  2. nah says:

    You can make a twitter search for #mozsummit with images only, too, theres quite a few right now

  3. More pictures on Day 1, Day 2. Descriptions only available in Macedonian, sorry.

  4. The official voice on this was “put them on Flickr with a mozsummit tag on them”…

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