SeaMonkey … websites perception?

SeaMonkey has not “fake” any other UA for browsers unless the user installed an extension or changed a pref to make that happen. The reasons for this were vast, mostly in the eye of not doing users and websites a disservice by lying.

That all has just changed with tonights nightly. [Bug 591327] The truth is that websites have increasingly been found to be broken with JUST SeaMonkey. Everything from some sites just downright breaking, (with XML Parse Errors), to some simple CSS Changes, to other websites treating unknown UA’s as a “mobile” version of the website, etc.

These issues we have increasingly felt did more disservice to our users than what we had established in the past. Of further note, is that these websites, due to Firefox’s popularity seem to frequently NOT be broken when and if we Added “Firefox/” to our UA string. Camino as one example has long had “Firefox” added to their UA because they felt it helped their users best.

The Bottom Line, we have toggled the (new to Gecko 2.0) pref by default to enable “compat mode” in the UA (which appends “Firefox/” to the UA string we send to websites), we feel that most users will not want, nor have a need to change this pref. But we have provided Pref UI under “Advanced” for the idealists out there.

Given the fundamental-to-the-goals-of-the-project change, this was voted on and approved by a SeaMonkey-Council vote as well, incase anyone is wondering.

Comments/thoughts to the newsgroups please. [closed comments here]

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