Chris AtLee

Chris AtLee has been doing A LOT of good lately, and I just have to call him out on it, with lots of praise!

For everyone: faster try builds, nothing like speeding up the already lengthy try results by 30 minutes or more!

The other thing I REALLY want to praise him on, which many people do not realize, for the UpComing SeaMonkey 2.1 beta 2 build I had been working on, he helped me troubleshoot a buildbot issue, very hands on (step by step debugging) which lasted over 3 total hours. This was of course outside his duties as a Firefox Release Engineer, and in his spare time.

His help was invaluable in getting our release (based off of Firefox 4.0 beta 11) complete in a timely manner. And the help we routinely receive from everyone on the Mozilla Teams never ceases to amaze and astonish me!

So a heartfelt and big THANK YOU is in order for Chris and the entire Mozilla Staff for this one!

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  1. Callek says:

    For those interested, I had tried to trigger our build steps (tagging, etc.) which buildbot was not recognizing… turns out that the reconfig didn’t complete because we had a hung slave. And the sad part is, buildbot did not make that even remotely obvious, hence the longer than 3 hours.

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