Mozilla Branching and SeaMonkey

What Is Going on…

For those who are not paying attention, mozilla-central (what was the lead up to Firefox 4.0) has branched, and Firefox 4.0 (Gecko 2.0) now resides in hg at releases/mozilla-2.0 along with this change, mozilla-central has been opened up for checkins again.

What about versions?

  • we created a comm-2.0 buildbot tree, which uploads builds based off of mozilla-2.0 to the latest-comm-2.0 directory on ftp.
  • Made builds which are based off of mozilla-central now listed as version 2.2a1pre (Our next version will be based off of Gecko 2.0)
  • The builds in comm-2.0 will continue to be SeaMonkey 2.1b3pre (and 2.1 final upcoming)


I am a nightly tester, what version should I expect?

If you were testing a 2.1 build, you will automatically be upgraded to a newer 2.1 build; this does mean that from the point we flipped the trunk switch for version numbers, you may have a failed partial update; Do not worry if so though, as it will fallover to a complete instead.

But, I want to test nightlies on 2.2a1pre (Gecko

If you want to follow the extremely undertested mozilla-central versions you can download a 2.2a1pre build from the latest-comm-central-trunk dir on ftp, and your updates will continue along that path. Do note, that we know of a few existing bugs on this configuration already, however both ourselves and the Thunderbird team are concentrating our efforts into the Gecko 2.0 based builds.

I am a local developer and want to build/checkout for SeaMonkey 2.1

You will have to pass to the –mozilla-repo option for the stable mozilla-2.0 builds, we left checking out mozilla-central. The recommended way is to rename the existing mozilla directory to something else (.mozilla-trunk is my recommendation) and then run co –mozilla-repo=”″

I am a developer, wanting to checkin what do I care about?

For all intents and purposes you can checkin to comm-central based on the status of the SeaMonkey2.1 or Miramar (Thunderbird 3.3) tree’s the SeaMonkey and ThunderbirdTrunk tinderbox trees are nolonger blocking landings. Also watch SeaMonkey2.1 and Miramar trees for tree-rules/status primarily.

I am a localizer, what repository are you using for SeaMonkey2.1 builds?

We are currently building l10n repacks with the releases/l10n-mozilla-2.0/{locale} set.

It has not yet been explored if we can/will do a l10n-central<->releases/l10n-mozilla-2.0/{locale} merge for seamonkey/thunderbird specific locale files yet, we will keep you informed.

I have another question, or am confused about something.

We’d love to hear from you if this is the case, please see the newsgroup (or mailing list) Or just comment here and I’ll respond.

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