SeaMonkey Build Machine Update

Today I finished up work I’ve been preparing most of this week to update our linux build machine software.

A few new software installs, as well as a few software upgrades.

Most notably is an upgrade to our buildbot code in production here (to match what is currently in use at Mozilla for Firefox). [special thanks to dustin for his help getting me rpms and files as mozilla prepared them for their own use]

There should be no issues, since most of the changes were in the way our automation is setup not in what actually produces/creates builds. and this work affects all branches. (SeaMonkey 2.4 final is already built, so did not affect that).

If you see anything that seems broken to you on linux, or any weird issues, please let me know by filing a bug (blocking Bug 687797), or finding me on IRC.

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  1. Not something broken, not a weird issue, but just had a look at that bug 687797 that you mention: is there a reason for that bug about configuring Linux slaves is billed as a Windows 7 bug, or is it just an oversight due to the fact that you’re on W7 yourself and forgot to change the Bugzilla default?

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