Blogging More…. About Mobile?

Hello Planet, Long time no see.

Since our last conversation a lot has changed with me (and Mozilla!) I was a contractor since March, and just got my official offer to come on as a “real” employee. I will be detailing my journey in the community to a full time employee through a series of upcoming blog posts. (now don’t get me wrong, I’m still working on SeaMonkey in my free time too)

To also mix it up, I intend to throw in many blog posts about the state of our Mobile Infrastructure/Tooling, and where we intend to go from here. However I need ideas on posts! So to get me started, I’d like to enlist you, planet readers, to send me questions/topics you would like to learn more about when it comes to Mobile Automation (in Release Engineering) that I could blog about for you. History Lessons, Future Direction, Current Setup, Whatever!

Send your Topics/Questions to me at I cannot promise I will address every question/topic requested, but I can promise to try.

This work so far has been both challenging and a thrill!

Until Next Time!

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