SeaMonkey 2.18 – Where are you?

Hey Everyone,

So SeaMonkey 2.18 was supposed to be out today, so where is it?

We have had a hardware error in the systems that allow us to reliably generate the release — Without these systems anything we create will be of unknown quality/stability.

In order to meet our own quality and stability requirements we are NOT releasing SeaMonkey 2.18.

While there is a chance we could have these systems back up in time to do an intermediate release (say something corresponding to a possible Gecko 21.0.1) we can not promise nor plan for it at this time.

We are actively working on repairing the system and its data, once that is complete we will go forth with a new BETA based on the SeaMonkey 2.19 train, and we expect to release SeaMonkey 2.19 on time, on June 25’th.

We thank you for your understanding. where to buy domain .

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  1. Well love SeaMonkey just the same. However, Opera has a slight edge over both it and other browsers for YouTube videoes. It’s something to do with the flash. Every other browser – apart from Opera – I find that the Youtube video will only buffer so much, and the video keeps stopping. The only way to solve this is to change the resolution quality, down first, and then back up again…. then it plays and buffers normally. I don’t have this problem in Opera.

    I mention this because my browser of choice is SeaMonkey. There’s nothing else I know that gives e-post and browser in one process.

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